Gresh and Zo open the show discussing the Patriots loss to Seattle on Sunday.  The secondary, Tom Brady and the coaching are a few of the issues addressed. The Patriots need to figure out a way to close out games they are winning going into the fourth quarter. Where do you place the blame for Sunday’s loss?

“Everybody was involved on the football team on this one. I think you can question coaching, you can question the offense, there was the defense, there were a ton of mistakes, a lot of drops, a lot of penalties,” Andy Gresh said. “Yet, at the very end, they were still in it. … The fact that they’re in all of these games, it just adds another layer of craziness to you as a fan.”

“There’s two things we’re gonna talk about for the next week, until 4:30 (on Sunday) when they play the Jets,” Scott Zolak said. “Perception versus reality. That’s really where we’re at. We’re going to rip their tails for four hours here, they’ve got that coming. But remember this: right now, first reaction, who’s the best team in the AFC? This thing is wide open.

“They got 10 weeks to figure this out. They got 10 weeks to figure out how to close games.”


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