Former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira joined Felger and Massarotti to discuss Week 6 in the NFL, and specifically Patriots-Seahawks, NFL rule changes and players’ reputations.

Did the officials get the intentional grounding call on Tom Brady correct yesterday?

“Yeah I do,” Pereira said when asked if the officials got that call right. “It takes [many] decisions before the flag is actually thrown, which is why everybody says, ‘Why are flags so late on intentional grounding?’ That’s the reason why.”

Should offensive pass interference been called on Braylon Edwards’ touchdown?

“I certainly thought it was more offensive than defensive,” Pereira said, though he added that he likely wouldn’t have called anything either way.

Has the NFL ever considered adopting college football’s rule of stopping the clock after first downs? What was Pereira’s opinion on the final play of the Stanford-Notre Dame game? Do officials look past a players reputation when making a call? Can a players reputation hurt him?


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