BROCKTON (CBS) – A police chase led to an eight car pile-up in Brockton, killing one woman who is now being sorely missed.

Maryanne Kotsiopoulos, 49, of Brockton was driving near the corner of Centre and Quincy Streets when a vehicle being chased by police collided with her car head-on last Friday.

“People take things for granted, and you can’t because things change on a dime,” Kotsiopoulos’ husband, Bill Burnham, said. “I just want everyone to know that she touched everybody’s life that she was involved with.”

Brockton police had been pursuing Antwoin Moore, 27, of Brockton when the accident occurred.

Moore sped through a red light and slammed into Kotsiopoulos’ Jaguar, a gift from her husband for her upcoming 50th birthday.

Kotsiopoulos made her living driving a van for special needs kids.

“She was truly sincere, and her heart drew people to her,” Burnham said. “The world lost a good person.”

The couple had been together for 10 years, and married for three.

State police are investigating the incident further, and looking into the department policies of police pursuits during rush hour traffic.

Moore has been charged with a number of crimes, including vehicular manslaughter, and will be arraigned Monday.


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