By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

HANSON (CBS) – Bobby Sullivan is a self-made millionaire, a guy with a “can-do” attitude.

And when the town of Hanson said his anti-Obama signs were in violation of building codes, he was determined not to accept defeat.

trailer Hanson Man Gets Creative To Keep Controversial Political Signs

Political sign on trailer in Hanson.

“I want to abide by the law and I will,” he said.

So instead of taking down his huge signs, which the town said were too high, he brought in a 45-foot flat bed tractor trailer and affixed the signs to the flatbed.

Now, he’s within town and state regulations because the signs are not permanent.

“This is America,” he says. “We have freedom of speech that’s what this was really all about. People in town didn’t like what I was saying and they tried to stop me”.

His signs, which slam President Obama and Elizabeth Warren, sit on the grass of his business on Franklin Street in Hanson.

A new one went up Wednesday with the image of Monica Lewinsky holding a cigar.

To figure out what it says, you’ll have to drive by. This is a family-friendly website.


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