The Red Sox season is over, but they are still on the minds of fans. After the regular season ended the team let go manager Bobby Valentine leading to another manager search for the second year in a row.

Jon Heyman joined Gresh & Zo to discuss the search for a Sox new manager, Terry Francona and the MLB playoffs.

The name being batted around as the top candidate for the manager job in Boston is Blue Jays manager John Farrell. Is there any light to be shed on the pursuit of Farrell?

“My understanding is that Jays are telling people that they’re sticking to their policy and that what they’ve told me and others, which is that they are not letting employees move for lateral moves…I think there is some chance or a pretty good chance that this is just a negotiating stance they’re taking for now and will ultimately let Farrell go if they can get the right compensation for him.”

Is Heyman surprised that the Sox didn’t start working this out with the Jays knowing that they were getting rid of Bobby V at the end of the season or is this just par for the course based on what happened last year with the manager search and the Theo Epstein situation?

“I’m not shocked that nothing has been worked out yet. We’re early in the game, look at how long it took last year to find a manager.”

Heyman talked with former Sox third baseman Mike Lowell about possibly coming back to manage his former team. What was his reaction?

Plus are there any names that have slipped through the cracks to fill the manager job in Boston? And does Heyman think that the Sox have a backup plan in case Farrell doesn’t end up moving?


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