The candidates in presidential debates are walking all over the moderators and I don’t like it. I don’t blame the candidates. The stakes are high and it is their job to dominate the conversation if they can. The problem is that they can. Where is the moderator with the gravitas to be able to control the situation? That is job one.

Heck, I could get up there and ask questions, but the real challenge is to be the boss. Where is the moderator that is so respected by the voters that the candidates would only trammel him/her at considerable peril? Where is the modern Walter Cronkite?

So, while better moderators are at the top of my debate wish list, perhaps you would like to see and hear something else. This week’s Jay Talking question is, ‘What would you like to see in the next debate that was missing in the most recent one?’

Click play to see how the folks who happened to be on the Boston Common recently answered the question.


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