BOSTON (CBS)-  Boston University looked to the ice Sunday in an effort to put allegations of sexual assault behind them.

The men’s hockey team dominated University of Toronto, 5-0, in the first exhibition game of the season.

Their decisive victory saw goals from five different players with assists from five others.  Head Coach Jack Parker says he was encouraged by how selfless the players were and how sharp they looked throughout the game in different combinations.

The start of the season comes a month after a university report blasted the team for “a culture of sexual entitlement.”  A committee was assembled after two players were arrested for sexual assault last season.  Only one player, Corey Trivino, was convicted of assault and battery.

“I’m not trying to generalize, but I have heard that a lot of these teams are glorified,” said BU Senior KC Mackey of the team’s reputation.  “They’re so good at sports that they think they can touch anybody they want.”

Among other things, the committee’s report gave salacious details about a party at Agganis Arena following the 2009 NCAA Championship.  Allegations included sex in the penalty box and kegs in the locker room.  It also provided lengthy recommendations to school administration and the Athletic Department, including sexual assault prevention education.

Parker, who recently stepped down as Athletic Director, says the hockey team was already doing some of the things the committee suggested but wouldn’t go into specifics about what policies and procedures the team changed as a result of the report.

“We’ve dealt with that over the last year.  I was hoping we would be finished with it by the start of this year because the team had to deal with it all last year,” said Parker.

The team opens up conference play Saturday against Providence.  Parker says there’s only so many changes he can make, the rest is on the players.

“You can’t limit off ice distractions.  I can’t control my kids, my own children 24/7,” said Parker.  “We have a mature group of guys here with good leadership, so I think they’ll do a good job with that [off-ice conduct].”

This year both the men’s and women’s hockey teams are promoting their relationship with “Autism Speaks” by wearing blue patches on their uniforms in the shape of the charity’s puzzle piece logo.  The hockey teams have been involved with Autism Speaks for nine years but set a goal to raise $10,000 for the group this year.


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