BROOKLINE (CBS) – A trio of robberies at gun point over just two weeks in Brookline has area residents uneasy.

The first two robberies took place late at night.

On September 23, two BU students were robbed of money and smartphones by thieves with an automatic weapon.

Then, two nights later three more victims were held up at gun point a few streets away.

The latest was Friday evening around 5 p.m.

“It’s really alarming. I mean the first one was at 2 a.m., now it’s at 5 p.m.,” one student said. “It’s coming to the point, like when am I supposed to walk home?”

The neighborhood is busy and filled mostly with students from Boston University. By all reports, the area is reputedly a safe one.

But this string of incidents has shaken students and parents alike.

“As a parent having a daughter here.that concerns me,” said the mother of one student. “It’s pretty close to where [my daughter] lives and I wouldn’t have thought that would happen around here.”

All students have been warned via text message, and descriptions of the robbers were sent out by BU police.


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