The station went and replaced the giant Wallach head that Adolfo let get stolen while waiting in line for the iPhone 5. The purpose of having the head was to hold it up when news cameras were shooting their live shots and try to get on TV.

Adolfo didn’t do such a great job of that before the head got stolen, but the guys had faith he’d do better the second time around.

The time came on Thursday when Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine was fired, so the guys sent Adolfo out with — head in hand — with some very detailed instructions. It was pretty simple: just get in the background of the live shots!

The noon shows were stressed as a very important time, with SEVEN different stations going live at Fenway.

Well, Adolfo didn’t quite follow directions and the guys want to know why. He did pick up his game later in the day though, coming through in a big way. Wallach’s giant dome was all over the place, so much so that some of the cameramen tried to take the head.

One even chased him down the street, according to Adolfo.

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