Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe joined Gresh and Zo for his weekly Friday football talk.

He gave the guys his insight on how the Patriots could beat the Broncos on Sunday. The weather at game time will be less than desirable, rain and winds are the reports. Bledsoe tells the guy that as a quarterback this type of weather has it’s positives and negatives.

“There are a couple of things that I always liked about nasty weather. Number one for me, it slowed down the pass rush and it was harder for guys to rush the passer when the conditions are sloppy, which that’s one way the new turf works against you a little bit.”

“The other part, is it suppose to be windy also, because I always found if it was wet that didn’t affect me that much, but if it was wet and windy like it was in Buffalo most of the time that’s when it became really difficult to throw the football.”

The guys also discussed Brady’s weapons and the fact that it seems that Wes Welker isn’t being phased out and the offensive game is becoming more balanced overall. Drew took control for a moment and confronted Zo on his bad mouthing the Buffalo Bills last week.

Plus, will Jerry Jones be able to set back and let the football people run things and work on getting the Cowboy train back on track?


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