SUV Rolls Onto Police Cruiser After Running Red Light In Pelham, NH

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PELHAM, NH (CBS) – A New Hampshire police officer escaped serious injury when an SUV rolled right over his cruiser.

Lt. Brian McCarthy’s silver unmarked cruiser pulled up to a stop sign at a four-way intersection in Pelham Center. Moments later an SUV came the other way, ran a red light and got broadsided by a car.

“It was pretty clear to me that she wasn’t going to stop,” says McCarthy.

The impact sent the SUV tumbling onto McCarthy’s cruiser. He ducked onto the seat as his roof crumpled.

The officer is grateful he only missed a week of work with whiplash. “It was a hell of a jolt,” he says.

The other drivers were not hurt badly.

With more than 30 wrecks in just four years, the intersection is grabbing a statewide bad rep. A fix is in the works however. Construction on a pair of roundabouts, costing $4 million, will begin in the spring.

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