A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     In fact it could be all over by ten o’clock tonight.   I don’t know who’s going to win this thing (though I’m positive who should win) but the pollsters, believable only in snapshot form, are saying this race is too close to call and one move tonight by either man could decide it all.   That folks… is scary.    Not nearly as scary as four more years of BHO, but scary just the same and I don’t mind telling you, I’m nervous for all of America.    With all that rides on this election, if you’re not scared….you should be.   This country is great, far superior to any you can name, but this country is in so much trouble right now, even Tom Bergeron is nervous;  “America…you are in jeopardy. Your fate will be decided later.”

     Yes folks, it could be later tonight when the world learns whether BHO still has the charisma without a teleprompter, or whether Mitt has the onions to look BHO in the face and say “Mr. President, your administration has been the biggest failure in American history since the Carter administration back in the 70’s, there’s nothing about it any candidate could run on and by the end of the night tonight, America will understand that.”

     I may be whistlin’ past the graveyard right now, but I sure haven’t given up.  Some of my left-looney friends will never wean themselves off the Kool-Aid, some of the lefty members of my own family still believe that the guy who has failed miserably for four years, actually deserves four more years to try to get it right.   Mitt has not been a great candidate, BHO has been a fantastic candidate if we’re talking political charisma here, but oh my goodness, take a look at the resume’s of these two men and ask yourself, which one should be sitting in the White House?

     I’m looking forward to tonight with great anticipation and trepidation.   It shouldn’t be all over tonight, but it could be and we’ll discuss that in the next couple of days.   And please don’t take this as waving a white flag, but Democrat pollster Pat Cadell is absolutely correct, “the mainstream media is threatening our country’s future, there is a purposeful conscious effort to suppress news that might hurt O’bama.  We’ve gone down a slippery slope, the mainstream media not only decided to support O’bama but is actively engaged in his reelection.”

     What has happened to the news media, particularly in the last four years, is ugly…….and I mean two G’s uggly!  More to come.


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