Felger and Massarotti were joined by Jermaine Wiggins to talk some New England Patriots and to participate in the latest edition of “10 Questions with Wiggy.”

Felger’s Questions for Wiggy:
10. When Donald Jones took that little slant early in the third quarter and, even though the pass hit him out of stride, he was still able to outrun the pats secondary for a 68-yard TD, did you think the Pats, down 21-0, were in trouble?

9. One game, tonight. Need to win. Who is your running back: Steven Ridley or Brandon Boldin?

8. Scale of 1-10, give me your confidence level in Devin McCourty being a legit, No. 1 corner in the NFL.

7. Based on his own lofty standards, Rob Gronkowski (19 catches, 3 TDs, a few drops, a fumble) is off to a slow start….What’s up?

6. Does Peyton Manning still scare you?

5. Who is the best run-stuffing linebacker in the NFL?

4. If Santonio Holmes were your teammate — would you say anything to him after what happened on Sunday?

3. Are you worried about Stephen Gostkowski?

2. Scale of 1-10, rate this Patriots defense.

1. One game, tonight. Need to win. Who do you want — Sanchez or Tebow?


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