Felger and Massarotti were joined by former director of NFL officiating Mike Pereira to discuss the return of the NFL officials.

What got the deal between the league and the NFL Referees Association done? Did the final play of last week’s Monday night game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks force the league to make a change? Who won? The refs or the league?

What did Mike think about the standing ovations for the real refs around the league upon their returns?

“I don’t agree with the way that they handled it yesterday,” Pereira said. “They never get applause, so it’s the first time anybody ever gave a standing ovation to officials, so I don’t think they knew what to do. So they took off their hats and waved to the crowd. That to me is just not officiating. Officiating is to stay in the background and not be noticed. If you’re going to take your hat off and wave it to the crowd and be the superstar or the hero, then you better expect the turnaround when they’re mad at you, as they were in Green Bay, and you better expect the boos that can follow you very quickly after you do that.”

Should a pass interference call be just a 15-yard penalty?

Is the ability to call a timeout to ice a kicker a good thing or a bad thing? Finally, should the league test some of the officials for PEDs?


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