By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – I don’t normally pay much attention to special “days” designated for the celebration of commercial products.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

For instance, I completely missed International Talk Like A Pirate Day a couple of weeks ago, and arrrgh, am I sorry I did.

I’ll be sure to pay better attention next year so as not to miss Waffle and Teeth Day next July 10th, whatever that is.

But I did notice that last Saturday was International Coffee Day, mainly because I bought three pounds of my favorite coffee for $18.

And the day, however contrived for marketing purposes, does offer an opportunity to reflect on the role coffee plays in our lives.

I freely admit my bias up front – I am a confirmed coffee achiever. Take away my morning hot cup and mid-afternoon iced and I am not a happy camper.

If that makes me an addict, so be it.

I can’t find any conclusive evidence online that moderate habitual coffee-drinking has especially bad health effects, and for me, it’s definitely worth it.

Beyond the boost it gives you, coffee plays a big role in our cultural life around here. In Rhode Island, they don’t say “good morning,” they say “have you had your coffee?”

A member of the clergy in Boston once told me he divides everyone he meets into two camps; they are either Starbucks people, or Dunkin’ Donuts people, a distinction he claims to find revealing.

I know which one I am, and while I am able to get along with either type, I can usually tell who is which even before I see them with the cup in their hand, can’t you?

I understand that coffee can be a political issue, depending on how and where it’s produced.

And I’ve met people who tell me they make their electoral choices by asking themselves one question: is this someone I’d like to sit down and have coffee with?

But I’ll leave that kind of thing to others.

Some things just transcend politics, or ought to. Just give me my small iced with skim and Sweet ‘n’ Low, and shut up.

Or, after I’ve had it, I’d put it this way – have a great day.

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