The Patriots have lost two in a row, but are looking to bounce back in Buffalo when they battle the Bills on Sunday afternoon.

Gresh and Zo were joined by former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe and congratulated him on his Hall of Fame nomination. They also discussed the first game back with the real NFL referees, Robert Kraft’s involvement with getting the refs back, playing in Buffalo and having tons of weapons on offense.

Thursday night featured the return of the real NFL referees after they agreed on a deal with the league late Wednesday night. Watching the game did Bledsoe notice a difference in the game?

“It was good to see. The game seemed to have a better flow to it. It just felt like the game moved at the pace it was suppose to move at, which is the biggest thing I noticed.”

Bledsoe went on to say that he believes that the replacement officials were held to such high standards that everything they did was going to be scrutinized. He also filled the guys in on Robert Kraft’s involvement in the negotiations.

“I talked with Robert Kraft last week and he had been disengaged from this whole thing and he got involved about, I want to say, seven or eight days ago and all of a sudden things are solved. The guy seems to have a magical touch for bringing people together and ending these things as he did with the players and now with the referees.”

Looking ahead to the game between the Patriots and Bills, Bledsoe thinks that we are going to learn a lot about these two teams on Sunday. Bledsoe started off with his thoughts on the Bills this season.

“I liked them coming into the season. I think their defense is going to be pretty good. If they can get their running backs healthy and back on the field I think they’ve got a chance to win a lot of games this year.”

Then he moved on to the Patriots.

“I know this is a huge game for the Patriots, lost two games in a row, that doesn’t happen very often. Now they’re going on the road to Buffalo. We’re going to find out what this young team can do for the Patriots. Whether they can step up to the challenge because this is certainly going to a big challege for the Patriots.”


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