BOSTON (CBS) – A Malden couple renewed their vows in an unusual place this past weekend, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“The Brigham is so special to us. We’re there every week at least once or twice a week for one reason or another,” Linda Barnstein said.

For 45 years and counting, Linda and her husband Arthur Barnstein have loved, laughed, and cried together.

And after a series of health issues the two are finding new reason to celebrate life and each other.

Linda Barnstein suffers from headaches everyday. It’s a painful reminder of the brain hemorrhage she almost didn’t survive.

“I was her caregiver until the rolls got reversed,” Arthur said. “Now we go back and forth. I’m the major problem right now.”

Arthur is on the donor list. He’s waiting for a heart that can pump on its own.

“He is on life support. Anytime something can go wrong,” Linda explained.

Both are making sure they enjoy every second with each other.

“Who would have thought in sickness and in health would have such profound meaning to us at this time,” Arthur read as part of his vows.


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