BOSTON (CBS) – The NFL came down hard on Patriots head coach Bill Belichick for making contact with an official following New England’s 31-30 loss to the Baltimore Ravens Sunday night.

Belichick has been fined $50,000 for “impermissible physical contact with an official” as he left the field Sunday night.

“It was inappropriate for me to contact the official. I take responsibility for what happened,” Belichick said in a statement shortly after the fine came down. “I accept the discipline and I apologize for the incident Sunday night in Baltimore.”

Belichick explained his actions on Monday morning, saying he just wanted to know if the play was going to be reviewed.

“I was trying to get an explanation for obviously an important call, an important play in that game,” Belichick said Monday. “I’ve coached in this league a long time and never been penalized, never had any incidents with officials or anything like that. I have never meant any disrespect or in any way tried to abuse or be disrespectful to the officials and the job they do.”

Just this week, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was reportedly fined $25,000 for berating officials following Washington’s 38-31 loss to the Bengals on Sunday.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, who bumping into a ref during Sunday’s game, will not be fined,’s Albert Breer reported Monday.

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