BOSTON (CBS) – If the NFL and NFL Referee Association can’t reach an agreement soon, a Boston company is looking to provide some temporary relief from all the drama surrounding the replacement officials.

Upset about an assortment of bad calls over the weekend, Boston Laser is running a gimmick that many football fans may be grateful for: free Lasik eye surgery for replacement refs, in hopes of giving them better vision — leading to better calls.

The Patriots are no stranger to laser eye surgery.  Several players have undergone the surgery over the last few seasons.

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“We helped players like Jerod Mayo, Sterling Moore, and Ron Brace improve their performance with 20/20 vision on the field, now we want to do the same for the replacement officials,” Samir Melki, the founder of Boston Laser said in a release Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon, news broke that the NFL and NFLRA were close to an agreement — and they may even return in time for Week 4 games this weekend — but no deal has been reached as of this writing.

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