BOSTON (CBS)  – The NFL’s replacement officials struck again Monday night in Seattle, and Fred Toucher has had enough.

“It gets not cute anymore. It gets to the point where it’s not a fun debate anymore. Debates are fun… this is just stupid,” Fred said on Tuesday morning’s Toucher and Rich.

“We’re all going to reach the point where it’s not fun anymore, and I’ve reached that point,” he continued. “It’s not funny to me. I don’t find it interesting. I don’t find players complaining on Twitter interesting.”

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“It’s been the same story since before  the preseason started. I’ve heard this story; I’ve spent months with this story,” he said, noting it’s only a matter of time until everyone reaches their boiling point.

“I guarantee you, next Tuesday – people aren’t fired up nearly as much as they (should be) right now. It just gets old, tiring and dumb, which has been the threat all along,” said Fred. “Do you want the new officials to come back to kill this story, or do you want them to come back so you can enjoy football again without this narrative?”

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“The circus around it is not compelling. It shouldn’t happen,” he continued. “I don’t find it cute anymore. I don’t want to do four-hour shows anymore talking about the officials. I hated it during basketball – that’s part of the reason I don’t enjoy the NBA anymore – and I don’t want to do it with this. I don’t care about the rule book, I don’t want to be an expert on the NFL rules. I’m not an analyst, I’m not a play-by-play guy.”

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“I want to watch the games and enjoy them; talk the players and screw around and make fun of Gruden,” he said. “I don’t want to complain about rules.”

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