By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

NEWTON (CBS) – If you ask 16-year-old Rafi Razzaque what is the most important lesson he has learned from his parents, he would say it is his good moral values.

rafi Newton Teen Returns Wallet With Over $800 Inside

Rafi Razzaque

On Monday, the Junior at Newton North High School found a wallet on the street that belonged to Newton resident Veronika Loginova.

“I was so stressed, at some point I felt like crying,” Loginova said.

Loginova said she let her daughter Chloe play with her wallet while they were out for a walk and lost it along the way.  Inside her wallet was more than $800, including a $700 American Express gift card.

Razzaque was on his way home when he found Loginova’s wallet on the ground.

“I saw a lot of credit cards and saw some $1 bills. I didn’t know there was a thousand dollars in there,” Razzaque said.

Razzaque said he looked at her license for an address and returned it along with a letter explaining that he put her wallet in her mailbox.

“It’s not mine, I have no right to that. It’s someone else’s who worked hard for it.  I should give it back to them,” Razzaque said.

On Tuesday, at Newton North High School, Razzaque got a surprise visit from Loginova’s husband Eric Friedberg.

“Your mom and dad did a great job raising you. Thank you,” Friedberg told Razzaque.  Friedberg also handed Razzaque a brand new iPod shuffle, $100 in cash and gift cards. Razzaque, who is very thankful for the gifts, said his parents taught him to do the right thing.

“He is such a sweet young man. When I found my wallet I was so excited and relieved,” Loginova said. Razzaque said with his new found fortune, he plans to buy his parents a nice gift for teaching him the right way to live life.

“With the exception of some technology stuff I have to buy, I want to give something back to them. Maybe then they will stop complaining about my grades,” Razzaque said with a laugh.


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