BOSTON (CBS) – Lets go around the NFL and catch you up on what is going on.

– It is very rare that the NFL and it’s games take a back seat, but that is the case this week. I, like a lot of people, love the NFL. I am lucky enough to cover the NFL as a job and for me, it’s the greatest job in the world.

Right now, I am having trouble watching my passion. The replacement refs are not the problem, because they are not equipped to call these games. The problem is the owners and Roger Goodell. Maybe their gripe with the officials is legitimate, but the end result is the product on the field is terrible.

Patriots Blog: Gold Stars, Black Thumbprints For Week 3

I have never watched games with such disgust. This is not the NFL I grew to love and felt compelled to view at every turn. Games for me were fun and interesting — no matter what the match-up. Now they are frustrating and painful. As an owner, a coach, a player and a fan, the object was to always protect the shield. That is not the case any more. The shield has become a joke and the games on the field are an embarrassment.

The players have little respect for the officiating and the games have become out of control. Bad calls are followed by phantom make-up bad calls. The announcers calling the games are openly killing the product as the games are in progress.

Toucher & Rich: Fred Has Had Enough Of Replacement Refs

I don’t expect people to turn the games off because everyone loves the NFL too much. I just expected the people in charge of the game, to care more for those who participated, paid for tickets and watch at home.

This is a disgrace. Shame on you NFL.

– Soccer 6 checks in with news coming from all over the world. First up, 6 explains Basketball Wives LA has started. I know what you’re thinking; how did you miss the season premier?!? (I already feel a migraine coming on).

Soccer says VH-1 spent the summer trying to get Kobe Bryant’s estranged wife, Vanessa, to be apart of the show but she declined. My answer to that is “thank you!” I don’t need to know about Kobe and Vanessa’s divorce or separation. I don’t need to hear about their twins or how she spends the day at the salon. (OMG! I knew Kobe had twins, my soul has already be corrupted).

I guess 6 really wanted Vanessa on the show, but the consolation prize is Matt Barnes and his on again, off again love Gloria. Folks, I DON’T CARE and neither should you.

– Soccer says Eva Longoria is back in the news, to which I answer, “OH GOODY.” The ex-wife of Tony Parker is now dating another high-profile athlete. 6 hinted at a New York quarterback and I immediately looked to see if it was Tim Tebow. I hit TMZ, Deadspin… all the gossip websites. After I did that, I showered because all those sites are dirty and care too much about other people’s business. Turns out she is dating Mark Sanchez.


For some reason, I though Mark only dated young girls. I think I got that idea from 6. I guess it’s the other way around. Longoria, 37, likes the youngins (Sanchez is 25). I give this relationship until Christmas and then she’ll move on to another young athlete. I’m guessing Ryan Lochte.

– Finally, 6 says word has come up that Kerri Walsh Jennings, the beach volleyball gold medalist, was five weeks pregnant during the Olympics. This is truly amazing and we should all help in naming the child.

30 seconds is on the clock and here we go. These names can be applied to a boy or girl:

Tanning Lotion (that’s very Hollywood)
Chicken Wing (now I’m hungry)
Wipe/Swipe (if they are twins)

That’s all I got. Thanks for reading and thank you Soccer 6. I bid you all a hook serve.

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