Drew Bledsoe joined Gresh and Zo on Friday for his weekly appearance on the show.

This week they discussed the matchup between the Patriots and Ravens.

Andy Gresh asked what needs to happen for Tom Brady to develop enough trust in his offensive line to the point where “he’s not getting spooked and he’s not ducking guys that aren’t there.”

Bledsoe said whenever new linemen are in the mix, it simply takes time for the unit to jell and the quarterback to grow comfortable.

“In order to develop that chemistry and that confidence, to know where your help is, to know which side you can be a little more aggressive on, it takes time,” Bledsoe said. “It takes time to get to know those guys and develop that trust level with the guys up front. That’s an important thing.

“When you start talking about Tom and how he feels back there, and I can’t speak for him but I know how I felt at different times. It wasn’t necessarily that you’re spooked or you’re gun-shy, it’s just that based on the body of evidence from what’s happened in that game, you know you’ve got a limited amount of time. … If you get hit a few times early, all of a sudden that clock has to speed up in your mind a little bit. You know the ball has to come out a little bit sooner, you have to make the decision.

“It’s not a situation where as a quarterback you get spooked or nervous. It’s just that all of a sudden you know, based on experience, that you don’t have as much time as you would like to, and so you’ve gotta make things happen a little faster.”

Bledsoe also discussed the importance of this Sunday’s game, the challenges a young team faces on the road, the replacement officials,


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