By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

WALPOLE (CBS) – It was no ordinary traffic stop in Walpole on Monday when police picked up 39-year-old Michael Dumaine who recently moved from Colorado to Rhode Island. They discovered a weapon-packed minivan, and are now concerned he may have been involved in cross country criminal activity.

Police say an alert officer first noticed Dumaine’s Colorado license plate was expired when he was pulled over near Route One and High Plain Street. “The operator started to show signs of extreme nervousness which heightened the officer’s alertness,” said deputy chief John Carmichael.

That’s when the officer noticed a knife in a sheath attached to the rear of the driver’s seat where the handle could be quickly pulled, said police. Also found under the driver’s seat was a semiautomatic handgun, a pair of black gloves, and a hood similar to the mask used in the movie “Scream”.

“You can’t think of any other reason to have a gun, gloves and mask altogether. It immediately tells us this person could be involved in other unlawful activity,” said Carmichael.

Police are concerned he may have been on a crime spree or about to embark on one. They’re not sure what route he took from Colorado or what his ties are to the New England area, but they’ve issued a nationwide bulletin in case the weapons are recognized in other crimes.

Dumaine was arrested near a 7-11 store where he’s worked for the past couple months according to co-workers. They say they’re surprised by the arrest of a man who talked often of cars and his family. “He didn’t carry around like a man living a lifestyle of carrying around a bunch of weapons,” said a co-worker named Steve.

Dumaine faces five counts of carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a firearm without a license, driving an unregistered motor vehicle, and possessing a counterfeit registry document after finding a current Massachusetts registry sticker attached to the license plate.


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