National League MVP winner of 2000 and five time All-Star Jeff Kent joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about joining the 25th season of Survivor, his broken wrist before the 1989 season with the Giants and his relationship with Barry Bonds.

During spring training in 1989 while with the Giants Kent suffered a broken wrist. Kent claimed that the wrist was broken while washing his truck, but media reports indicated that Kent had crashed his motorcycle while performing wheelies and other stunts. Does Kent admit that the truck excuse was pretty lame or was it the truth?

“I think everybody ran with the story of a motorcycle and no one has ever really proved it.”

If the media got that story wrong did they also get the relationship between he and Barry Bonds wrong.

“It was all in fun, it was no big deal. People are trying to make this sound like it’s a hateful relationship, but one thing Barry and I did well together was we played well together.”

Did Kent ever suspect that Bonds was using performance enhancing drugs?

“Well I think all of us as baseball players, even the fans, you watch a player evolve into something bigger and better and as a player you scratch your head and you go ‘Wow really? I mean can that really happen?’ So you don’t really know, but you have in your mind that something’s not right and Barry presented that could around himself and got himself in trouble.”

Plus find out about how Kent feels about the steroid era and Hall of Fame voting.


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