The Patriots fell to the Cardinals on Sunday 20-18 after kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed a 42-yard field goal with seconds left on the clock.

Former Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about retiring this past offseason, the absence of Brian Waters, the offensive line and Wes Welker.

During the offseason Light made the choice to retire from the game after ten years in the league all spent with the Patriots. Has the transition from playing to not playing been tough?

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“Well it’s different obviously not being a part of it, but I wouldn’t say tough. It’s been an interesting challenge trying to get back into the fold of everyday life and living the civilian lifestyle so to speak, but I’ve taken in a lot of soccer games on Saturday mornings. So it’s going pretty good.”

There has not been much talk of guard Brian Waters since his nameplate above his locker was removed a few weeks ago. New England’s offensive line could certainly use the Water’s this season. What does think of Waters’ game?

“I think he just brought a lot of great veteran leadership and he knew what he was doing. He’s very sharp when it comes to the gameplan, the scheme and what we were doing and what the guys around him were doing.”

What are the chances the team and Waters get something worked out to get him back on the field?

“I don’t know, it’s one of those things that it’s a personal decision with him and how he wants to proceed, you never know how to take that. You never know where somebody’s at within their own family structure and I think he’s always made it very evident that his family is very important to him and his time that he spends with his family. And if he’s not going to be there it’s got to be worthwhile for him to come out of this. I’m sure if the numbers match up he’ll be on the field if not, I think he’s probably content dealing with a lot of things back home in Texas.”

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Staying on the topic of the offensive line the guys asked Light about the readiness of the young guys to take over. Were they ready?

“I didn’t feel like I was leaving the team in bad hands that’s for sure. And those guys, they’ve got a great work ethic. Even the young Canon, he’s the kind of guy that a couple of more years under his belt and he’ll be right in the mix as well.”

The biggest topic by far though is the reduced playing time of Wes Welker. What does Light think is going on with the role of the wide receiver, is it as big a deal as everyone’s making it out to be?

“I mean look it’s a little ridiculous. First of all I think it’s Week 2 and secondly I think it’d be very difficult to imagine a scenario where you take your best player on offense other than the quarterback and say we’re just going to limit his reps.”


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