CBSSports baseball insider Jon Heyman joined the show today to discuss baseball around the league.

Regarding the Red Sox, what was up with Bobby Valentine pinch-hitting for Jose Iglesias in the middle of an at-bat?

“I’m not sure it’s going to destroy anyone’s confidence,” Heyman said. “Bobby is a quirky guy. Obviously, that quirkiness is not playing in Boston. It didn’t seem to be playing with the writers, the broadcasters and many of the players. For whatever reason, it has not worked. In New York, if he had done that, the pinch hitter might have come through with the double, he might have won. It seemed like things worked a lot better here.

“I don’t know whether that’s on Bobby or whether Boston’s a tougher job or he went into a tough situation. I know it was tough because it was a split decision to hire him to begin with. I never felt he had the full support of all of his bosses and I think it’s been a very difficult job. … That quirkiness may have seemed endearing in other settings.”

And what about Valentine’s comment about the Red Sox having the worst September roster in the history of baseball?

“I don’t think he should say that. There are guys on that team with feelings,” Heyman said. “I don’t think it serves any purpose.”


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