Fred went to Chicago to attend Riot Fest and meet Milo Aukerman, the singer of his favorite band, The Descendents.

Getting there proved to be a challenge though, when a fellow traveler on Fred’s plane wouldn’t sit down so the plane could get moving. Fred tells how this lady was so clueless and ignorant that she alone was holding up the flight’s departure.

At one point, Fred even felt the need to turn around and tell the woman to sit down — which the passengers in the section enjoyed so much they applauded Fred.

Fred then continues his tale by sharing what it was like to meet his all-time favorite musician, Milo Aukerman, and discussed the number of pictures that were taken (and the multiple devices that were used) when the momentous occasion took place.

Finally, there was a Rush concert during his trip to Chi-Town, and the bar Fred was hanging out in with his friend was overtaken by Rush fans leaving the show. One thing Fred learned is that Rush fans are great air drummers.


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