By Chris Curtis, 98.5 The Sports Hub

BOSTON (CBS) – Stating that Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels will be Bill Belichick’s successor in the circles of those that cover the team is akin to WBZ’s political correspondent Jon Keller predicting President Obama will carry Massachusetts; but why?

His return as a special adviser during the Pats playoff run after being fired by St. Louis last season was viewed as a coup for the team. Fans in Denver even tried to appeal the NFL that he was too valuable a commodity for New England to have prior to their matchup in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

But what on his resume gives you hope that he can lead this franchise and supplant one of the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL?

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In his last 24 games as head coach of the Denver Broncos, McDaniels went 5-19 (he was 11-17 overall over his 1 1/2 seasons at the helm). That’s the only head coaching experience he’s enjoyed, at any level.

He selected Tim Tebow 25th overall pick in 2010, one of several questionable moves he made as the de-facto GM of the Broncos during his stay in Denver.

In his only season as an offensive coordinator outside of New England, McDaniels’ St. Louis Rams finished 2-14 and were the worst offensive team in all of football ranking 32nd in total points.

While McDaniels should be given credit for his job leading a Brady-less offense to 11 wins with Matt Cassell in 2008, it should be noted that they lost 5 games off their 2007 undefeated season while facing a historically easy schedule and missed the playoffs.

Why would the Patriots pick a dead leaf off of the historically barren Belichick coaching tree to replace him? The list of former Patriots assistants and front office workers is filled with losers and failed organizations.

From Eric Mangini to Romeo Crennell to Charlie Weiss to Scott Pioli (man, the Chiefs look bad) to Thomas Dimitroff (wake me up with the Falcons win a playoff game) the list of disasters goes on and on.

Unless the Patriots are planning a move to the SEC or Big Ten (see Saban, Nick, Ferrentz, Kirk) they would be wise to go in a different direction.

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As long as Brady is the QB of the Patriots the coordinator is largely replaceable on offense but I have seen nothing from McDaniels to prove that he is capable of taking the baton from the almighty hooded one.

The future leadership of this franchise should be hired from outside the organization with a fresh voice, and be based on the same process that led the Bob Kraft to Belichick in the first place.

Give the keys to a football man you can trust, and let the car drive.

Just keep them away from Josh McDaniels.

Chris Curtis has produced 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The DA Show the last three years.

Follow him on Twitter @_ChrisCurtis.


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