Bradley Jay: ‘It Really Is Time To Legalize Medical Marijuana’

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Bradley Jay is the host of WBZ’s Jay Talking, weekday overnights from...
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My name is Bradley Jay and I host the Jay Talking radio show which airs every Sunday evening at 10pm on WBZ NewsRadio 1030. Consider this:

There are all sorts of justifications for the legalization of medical marijuana.
Even many conservatives want to change the law because it is an example of intrusive government. Patients want it because it is real medicine. Fairness demands it. Many legal medications are far more dangerous.

The bottom line is that prohibition of medical marijuana is not rational.
Some feel smoking marijuana is fun, but it is certainly a valuable medication. Is there really a rule that says medicine has to be unpleasant?

Click play to see the video of Bradley Jay’s coverage of the 23rd Freedom Rally on the Boston Common, an event that pushes for change in marijuana laws, and hear what Rep. Barney Frank had say to Bradley Jay on the subject. If you have never been, you will be shocked by the size of the event.

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