Adolfo was outside Fenway Park after the Red Sox were shutout by the Yankees 2-0 Thursday night, and from the sound of things fans were out there well after the game ended.

He found a guy yelling delightful pickup lines at women walking by, and when Adolfo asked about his thoughts on the Sox, the ladies man voiced his displeasure with the team and the job that manager Bobby Valentine has done this season.

He believes that the team should bring back “Fanconica” to coach again. Oh, he said we need “Francona real bad.” Really?

This guy also told Adolfo that he played for the Mattapan Patriots and traveled all over the world to places like…Philadelphia!

He also believes that the problems with the Sox can be fixed with better pitching, and if he were manager he’d just go out and get some. Can you guess the best pitcher this guy has ever seen come out of the Red Sox?


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