BOSTON (CBS) — Over the past 24 hours, we have heard breathless comments from Red Sox ownership dismissing the report that they have put the team up for sale.

John Henry has been on more media outlets than Michael Felger since Charlie Gasparino wrote his column on Fox Business late yesterday morning.

Henry has adamantly stated that the story is false, that whatever knowledge the Fox writer has is based on him assessing the value of the franchise for estate planning purposes.

So, Henry has admitted that he has spoken with potential suitors to gauge their interest in the team, but has only done so in order to establish a will, not to imminently sell the franchise.

I have a bridge to sell you if you believe that.

Today, across the board there has been a uniformity of thought among the reporters paid to cover this team. Why would Henry lie? This is his passion! There is no bigger thrill for him than owning the Boston Red Sox and working at Fenway Park!

Let me try and dispel some of those thoughts found in today’s morning papers across New England.

The first one is the easiest: Why would John Henry lie? Well, he has been for the better part of the season.

The same person who in 23 different media outlets repeatedly stated that he had no intention to sell the team, that the Fox Business reporter had no basis for his story and that he is in it for the long haul also said that Fenway Park was at 103.2 percent capacity last night.

The same ownership group, which upon its impromptu arrival at Camden Yards hours removed from creating the blueprint for the biggest blockbuster deal in the history of the sport with Stan Kasten and the Dodgers, blamed the “cynical media” for the issues around the team.


The second line heard all over the Boston sports scene given by Henry was that this is his passion, that there is no better job in the world for him. How can you go up from owning the legendary Boston Red Sox?

Does owning the Red Sox appear to be something that John Henry enjoys? He only speaks when negative stories are leaked or Tony Massarotti questions Linda Pizzuti (see: last offseason at the Sports Hub studios) and appears incredibly uncomfortable when doing so.

His appearances at Fenway Park are fewer and farther between (I know this because of Al NESN Wazeera gives the required 30-second, awkward high five moment whenever he is in attendance).

The fact is that the team is at the high point of its value, and it is only logical to sell the team sooner rather than later and cash in on their great investment and help their other entities.

If the best two reasons that Henry has for why this story was false is that he was simply doing due diligence for estate planning and that he is to be trusted, then I feel stronger than ever that I was right in my initial column that the “For Sale” sign is up on Yawkey Way.

Chris Curtis has produced 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The DA Show the last three years.

Follow him on Twitter @_ChrisCurtis.


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