With one week down many fantasy owners are looking at their rosters and wondering what to do. Some of their players many have had a huge week, while other greatly underperformed. Can the huge numbers last for some of these guys and will others bounce back?

Fantasy football guru Dave Richard joined Toucher & Rich to take your questions about the players on your roster.

Running back Michael Turner was one player that didn’t have a great first week, but should owners look for another option?

“I can’t help but think that Turner will eventually get his rear in gear and the Falcons will find ways to use him more effectively then they did in Week 1.”

Do you have a solid starting quarterback and find yourself lucky enough to also have Robert Griffin III? Wondering if you should trade RG3? Dave Richard thinks that you should while the value is high and thinks that you should be able to get a player like Doug Martin, Steven Jackson or Darren Sproles straight up for the QB.

Wes Welker didn’t have a great week and some fantasy owners are scared and thinking that they should be looking for a new guy to fill in at wide receiver. Does Dave think that’s the right idea or does he think that Welker will bounce back?


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