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     With all the things going on in the world today, wouldn’t ya think I’d have better things to talk about than prime time television?     For example Barack Obama and his total blundering of our relationship with Israel.   Benjamin Netanyahu is going to have that “community organizer” for lunch.   Yes there’s also the assassination of four Americans in Libya on 9-11,  including the U.S. Ambassador.   An act of war?   As far as I’m concerned it is,  but clearly the “community organizer” doesn’t know what to do about that one either and it becomes more and more apparent everyday, he should still be honing his skills trying to control greedy, unruly, radical school teachers in Chicago.   Clearly Mayor Rhom-The-Thug can’t handle it.      But I digress………

     I forced myself……yes forced myself to watch the premiers of two new NBC sitcoms last night…….Matthew Perry (whom I loved in Friends) stars now in Go On.    OMG.    I think this is about the 4th time I’ve labeled a sitcom…”the worst I’ve ever seen.”    Matthew Perry should be embarrassed, the writers should be fired and NBC should be fined for mis-using America’s time.   (Yes I know, I’m holding the clicker.)

     And then there’s “The New Normal.”   Pathetic junk and a perfect example of why primetime television on the major networks is such a joke, with a dwindling, disappearing audience.  God was that awful!!!

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  1. De Latham says:

    Mr. Lapierre,

    You’re absolutely right. Television, free or not free, is becoming less and less enjoyable with each passing second. I remember from being born in 1973 and growing up in the ’80s. Back then, I would at times watch Jack, Tony, Bruce, Liz, Chase, Kent, you and many others when available during days when we had non “remote control” TV. Good Boston programming came from all the stations. I’m sorry to say it, but back then, news and variety were about honesty and similar values. Today, it’s basically about women with sexy legs and figures, who’s sleeping with who, and it’s less about the values we should’ve paid attention to. In 1995, when CBS bought Westinghouse, I couldn’t stomach it. It’s not as bad now, but I still dislike it. In my opinion, right then and there is when tragedy hit Boston TV. Now, NBC is taking an unprecedented leap in TV History launching this practically independent channel. Indeed, I live out west, and I mainly watch KTLA today. It’s my “piece of the rock” when it comes to getting informed and reminiscing about Boston TV. If only CBS gave the Westinghouse stations to NBC, maybe (just maybe mind you) we could have that “piece of the rock” back in Boston TV again. I realize that CBS owns BZ now, and it more than likely won’t happen. Then again, we can at least dream right? BTW, thanks for your service to Boston TV!

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