By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

FOXBORO (CBS) – Only the second week of the season and we already have some movement along the power structure in the NFL. Here are the up to the minute power rankings in the NFL. I took these from ESPN.

1. Patriots

2. 49ers

3. Ravens

4. Texans

5. Packers

6. Falcons

7. Giants

8. Bears

9. Broncos

10. Cowboys

11. Steelers

12. Eagles

13. Lions

14. Chargers

15. Redskins

16. Saints

17. Jets

18. Bengals

19. Chiefs

20. Cardinals

21. Buccaneers

22. Titans

23. Panthers

24. Bills

25. Raiders

26. Seahawks

27. Rams

28. Vikings

29. Jaguars

30. Dolphins

31. Browns

32. Colts

Right out of the gate, there are Redskins fans somewhere that believe Washington should be higher and for this one time I agree with them. The Arizona Cardinals have won 8 out the last 10 and they are 20th, don’t get that. The Cowboys beat the Giants in New York on banner night and they can’t get ahead of the Packers or Giants. Those two teams are currently in the top ten with a loss. This list should not be about what you think, it should be about right now. I also actually believe the 49ers should be the top seed but that’s not really a big deal.


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