By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – One week after learning that the person who murdered her aunt will be getting a sex change operation, Susan Ohannessian is speaking out with new outrage about the killer’s book now available online.

Ohannessian says she discovered the online book, called “Grace’s Daughter” written by Michelle Lynn Kosilek, formerly Robert.

Kosilek killed his wife, Cheryl McCaul, left her body in a car at the mall, and then fled to New York.

The book, published in January, describes Kosilek’s years of abuse and his suffering from growing up with gender identity disorder.

Kosilek writes that she doesn’t remember killing Cheryl.

Ohannessian say that is difficult to believe.

“He has such a big huge recollection of his entire life,” she says, “but that one blurb about that day, he can’t remember that one.”

The book’s description mentions Cheryl. Ohannessian says she is sickened by the way she tries to blame her, saying, “He defamed Cheryl, she can’t even speak for herself, this is another slap in the face to her family.”

Ohannessian is most upset by the final page, where Kosilek reveals that she has a new lawyer to try to appeal her life sentence. She fears, “He is going to sue the state and say it wasn’t me. That was Robert Kosilek that did that. I’m a changed woman now.”

Ohannessian says she will fight every day in her aunt’s memory to prevent the surgery and keep Kosilek behind bars, saying, “This book isn’t going to end that way Robert wants, not on my watch it’s not.”

Kosilek’s attorney says she doesn’t believe there is any law preventing Kosilek from writing the book and she is not aware of any profits that have been earned.


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