Felger and Massarotti were joined at the Ace Ticket Studio by Jermaine Wiggins to talk some New England Patriots and do the latest version of “10 Questions.”

In this edition of “10 Questions,” Felger asks Wiggy his impressions of the New England Patriots 34-13 Week 1 win over the Tennessee Titans.

10. Pats MVP from Sunday — Chandler Jones, Steven Ridley or Tom Brady?

9. What is Chandler Jones going to have to look out for? What are offenses going to pick on with him?

8. Ridley was great. Let’s assume he’s legit. But the Pats have had great running days in the past and still gone away from it when the rubber meets the road. Here’s the question: what makes us think the pats will stick with the running game this time?

7. What did you see on the offensive line on Sunday?

6. What concerns you most about the secondary?

5. It turns out that Logan Mankins played all season last year with torn ACL in his left knee and the last two playoff games with a torn MCL in his right knee. Who is the toughest player you ever played with in the NFL? What’s the toughest story you can remember like that?

4. What does Wes Welker’s reduced playing time and opportunities tell you? What do you read into that?

3. Give me a grade for Brandon Lloyd on Sunday — and tell me who was to blame on that missed long ball.

2. Overall, what’s your biggest remaining concern with this team?

1. Overall, what did you feel best about on Sunday?


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