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Taste of Fall…

By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV
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Crisp, refreshing air has invaded New England from north of the border and it’s a nice change of pace.  Clouds that developed in the cold pool of air are already melting away and we will radiate pretty well into the 40s for most suburban locals tonight.  The axis of high pressure will remain to our west again tomorrow so we will see a NW wind keeping the Autumn feel going with highs in the 70-75 degree range with 100% sunshine.

The axis will then shift offshore and that will allow for warmer air to work back into New England and the feel of Summer will return for the second half of the week.  It starts to moderate on Wednesday with highs reaching the upper 70s and again it will be sunny.  SW winds will continue the war air pump, in fact 850mb temps will reach +16C on Thursday and Friday.  In the Summer this would mean 90 degree surface heat.  But, with the slightly lower September sun angle temps will cap out in the mid to maybe upper 80s.  The air will remain very dry so although it will be quite warm, the humidity will be very low and therefore very few clouds, if any at all, will be present late in the week.

Our next chance for rain won’t arrive until the weekend or perhaps early next week.  A slow moving shortwave trough will attempt to cut-off as it approaches us over the weekend.  If it cuts-off completely then there is a chance that showers will hold off until Monday.  If it remains more progressive, then showers will be possible over the weekend.

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