Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin is back for another football season with 98.5 The Sport Hub’s Toucher & Rich and the guys get right down to business discussing the Patriots win in Tennessee.

“They were pretty good, I mean from what I saw, from what you can read stat wise and everything. You had plays all around the board, plays from new guys, from older guys, you still have things you can work on, but man for an opening game on the road in a decent place to play I thought it was a pretty good outing.”

Before the game we learned that Logan Mankins played all of last season with a torn ACL. Has Colvin every heard of a player playing that long on an injury that’s so severe?

They also discussed all the different ways the Patriots used tight end Aaron Hernandez. What does it do to a defense when a team has a weapon like Hernandez?

“It’s a nightmare just because you have to make adjustments not only to formations because traditionally two tight end formation are run formations, but this kid he can do wide receiver things, he can tight end things and he can do running back things. So it makes you as a defensive unit, as a defensive coordinator study that much more harder, game plan that much more harder and you have to be on your toes all the time.”

If you could only pick one tight end to have would it be Rob Gronkowski or Aaron Hernandez? How did Colvin answer this one?

Plus the guys looked at the Pats defense and the performance of Chandler Jones. Is this kid for real?


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