This could be one of Summer’s last stands. This summer has provided plenty of warmth…but nothing too extreme compared to the rest of the nation. In fact, August provided a reprieve from the real heat of June and July. As is typical with a summer, there were several days with dewpoints in the 60’s and a humid overall feel. Today, We are breaking down some of the final pools of real summer humidity. A huge trough on the east coast is helping to sweep away the moisture. Cool dry air is draining in from Canada with record breaking lows for some parts of the nation. The amount of summer time humidity that is being pushed away will have a hard time reaching the Northeast again…atleast for any long duration. Looking at the long range another broad trough will slide into the East by the 18th and could stick around for the rest of the month…This will suppress the warmth and humidity again. Thus, my thinking that this could be one of summer’s last stands…at least in terms of Humidity.

Today’s weather obviously is not ideal. The cold front has pushed off the coast, taking the storms, rain and humidity with it. It feels more comfortable and that is welcome relief. The problem is with a trough in the east, there is a SW flow aloft which is slowing and stalling the front off the coast with a wave of low pressure riding up along it. This is keeping abundant clouds along eastern sections of New England. Periodic light showers will be shifting to SE MA and the Cape for the Afternoon where it will remain a bit damp. It is a dry day in Boston points, N & W. Clearing skies with drier air will try to push to the coast but it will not be easy. Sunshine in western New England should arrive near Worcester by 1-2 PM. It will take the entire day for the clearing line to reach the coast unfortunately. Look for a pretty sunset at the beaches with the sun reflecting off the departing clouds. Winds are lighter today out of the NNE. With clouds and cool wind off the water…60’s and Lwr 70’s at the beaches, Lwr-mid 70’s inland where we will see some increasing afternoon sunshine.

The weather is pretty straight forward after the front pushes far enough away. Building high pressure with breezy NW winds Monday. With the cool air aloft and an upper low pushing through fair weather cumulus will develop during the afternoon. Temps will be seasonally cool to start the week in the Lwr 70’s. Clear skies and bone dry air will allow temps to fall into the 40’s and lwr 50’s overnight. The trough in the Northeast will lift out Tuesday with a ridge to shift east to take it’s place. This will mean week filled with sunshine and comfortable air. As the high slides south, winds will be shifting to the WSW which will direct some more “summer-like air back into the Northeast for Thursday-Saturday with highs near 80-85. Enjoy the best week of the Summer. It really could not be better. Make the best of while it lasts!


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