Mike Felger and Mike Flynn were joined by Chris Gasper of The Boston Globe to talk about the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady, and offensive lineman Brian Waters.

On a scale of 1-10, where does Tom Brady rank? Is Brady the same quarterback he was in 2007? If you have to win one football game, who would you pick as your quarterback?

“I think he’s a better quarterback now than when he won the Super Bowls. As a pure passer, I think he’s a better quarterback,” Gasper said. “I think I’d still take Brady.”

Felger disagreed.

“Aaron Rodgers and I would take Eli over Brady,” Felger said. “I would. One game?”

Flynn, a former NFLer, wasn’t ready to pick Rodgers in that spot, though.

“I don’t know if Aaron Rodgers is up there with the great closers yet,” Flynn said.

Are the Patriots making a mistake in not bringing back Brian Waters?

Finally, the guys discussed the Boston Bruins and Brad Marchand’s contract extension. Is Marchand’s contract extension too much too soon?


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