BOSTON (CBS) – Wednesday was a very trying day for Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine.

His integrity was questioned, and that’s not something Valentine will stand for. And he let the press know his displeasure prior to Boston’s 2-1 loss to the Seattle Mariners, which closed up a 1-8 road trip.

“If anyone in this room wants to question my integrity, I will ask someone to referee,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jon Miller.

Valentine On Wednesday’s Comments: 

Valentine said he was joking earlier in the day when he told a local radio host he would punch him for asking if he had “checked out” on the season.

“I don’t think physical violence is necessary for a 60-year-old,” said Valentine. “But I think I made the point, though, that there are lines that should be drawn in the sand when someone is trying to be professional and sounding unprofessional. It’s better to be abrupt and then let everyone know you’re kidding.”

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But that wasn’t all that bothered the Red Sox manager Wednesday. He was also questioned about showing up “late” to the ballpark last week in Oakland. Valentine was across the bay in San Francisco to pick up his son at the airport, whose plane was delayed. Valentine said his basbeall papers were at his hotel, and he made the mistake of going back to get them before heading to the park.

While he admits his 4:04 p.m. arrival time was a little later than he normally shows up — also noting his work day starts at 4:30 p.m. — he did check in with the team and gave that night’s lineup while driving to the stadium.

“So I got to the stadium a little later than normal — not late,” said Valentine. “”But if anybody cared about it and felt it was important enough to write seriously about it, you could have asked me what the situation was and I would have been happy to tell you.”

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“When you talk about a man’s family or a man’s integrity, you’ve drawn the line,” he said. “That’s where I draw the line.”

Valentine said he’s had four days off since taking the job December third; two for Christmas and two during the season.

“If that’s not enough work for anyone, that’s all I have. I go every day, all day,” he said.

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“Again, to see my son for a couple hours more, I think is more than worth the tradeoff of sitting around in my underwear for two hours here in the clubhouse,” he added. “So that’s that.”


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