By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

MILTON (CBS) – A junior at Curry College in Milton was looking forward to the new school year, until he saw his dorm room.

“It smells like urine and feces,” says Peter Maxwell of Michigan. “And we have three fans going, but this room is so humid it’s almost dripping. It’s like being in a prison.”

In the past fifteen years, the college has built four new dormitories, but space is still tight because of the ever-growing number of students and applicants.

Maxwell was assigned a room in a dorm called Main House. The room he shares with two others is a garden level room.

“We have three small windows, but they only tilt in a couple of inches…we can’t get fresh air,” he said.

Fed up with his new living situation, he called in inspectors from the Milton Board of Health.

“My parents are outraged,” said Maxwell, “because they’re paying almost $40,000, and I have a room that’s hardly livable.”

Inspectors checked out the dorm, and found no code violations, only some moisture seeping in through a back door.

Campus officials say if Maxwell wants a new room, they’ll accommodate him.

And some students made it clear that they feel the dorm is fine and that Maxwell wants too much.


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