BOSTON (CBS) — New York City may have two NFL teams and three quarterbacks with star power, but it’s the guy from New England who’s taking over the town.

A new advertisement for UGG footwear featuring a massive painting of Tom Brady now stands in New York City, right across from Madison Square Garden, as reported by

The ad features a 225-foot tall Brady looking calmly over the millions of passers-by, many of whom likely aren’t the biggest fans of the quarterback. A spokesman for UGG told ESPN that a Brady ad in New York makes sense though, because the city is home to the company’s only men’s-only store and that Brady is “respected by men and liked by women as well. He could have been a male model.”

Of course, the presence of Brady might lead to some head-scratching from any New Yorkers who hate the Patriots with every fiber of their being, and it will grow even more hilarious if the Brady and the Patriots have a big game against the Jets this year.

Similar ads are expected to be added in Boston and Los Angeles soon. A time-lapse video of the painting being made was also posted on YouTube.


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