A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Where else, but in Massachusetts, would you find a judge who would rule in favor of a convicted murderer who wants to have a sex-change operation and have the taxpayers foot the bill?   “Only in Massachusetts” kids, only in the Commonwealth vying to become crackpot capital of the contiguous states would a judge……Judge Mark L. Wolfe by name….think that you and I should pick up the tab for “sex reassignment surgery.”     Yup that’s what they call it now…”sex reassignment” and not on your everyday citizen mind you……..this is on a person who is already being supported…..100% by the taxpayers of this state……housing, a warm place to sleep, three square meals a day, clothing, entertainment, all medical expenses etc, etc, etc. and Judge Wolfe says “sex reassignment surgery is for some people medically necessary.”  Holy crap!!

     Judge Wolf has been involved in more than one questionable decision in his career, but this one, on behalf of Robert (Michelle) Kosilek takes the cake and it’s going to cost us….you and me….somewhere in the vicinity of $50,000 over and above what we’re already paying for Kosilek.   Did I mention he (she) is a convicted murderer?    Yes, I think I did.   He (she) murdered his (her) wife and now wants that “reassignment.”

     In the words of Senator Scott Brown, “this is an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars” and he hopes common sense will eventually prevail.  That is the issue….”paid for by the taxpayers”…that’s what is outrageous.   Not the reassignment surgery…..its the fact that the courts think we should pay for the surgery because Kosilek is in prison…for life….for murder.

     I rest my case on one undeniable fact.   I have had a very close and personal relationship with a person who has had this surgery;   Highly successful sex  reassignment surgery and I will defend this persons integrity and character to the day I die.   But to do it for this creepy convicted killer on the taxpayers  dime???   Not a chance judge…..not a chance.


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