The Red Sox ended their seven game skid with a 4-3 win over the Seattle Mariners on the West Coast Tuesday night.

Comcast SportsNet’s Sean McAdam spoke with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about the ending of the losing streak, the failure of the Bobby Valentine experiment and what team McAdam would like to see fail more.

Is it at the point where most players on this Red Sox team don’t respect manager Bobby Valentine? What percentage of players does McAdam think still respect the manager?

“I think it’s a very small percentage. If you go back over the last couple of weeks and months, it seems like David Ortiz is the lone player of any experience who usually steps up and has Valentine’s back in any of these things. For the most part he gets tolerated.”

As a person who covers baseball McAdam says that he can’t really be a fan of a particular team and do his job at the same time, but if he were a Red Sox fan what team would he like to see fail more, the Yankees or Dodgers?

“I think most people would be rooting harder for the Yankees to trip and fall.”

Now that is seems it’s all but certain that Bobby V. will not be manager next season who is out there that could fill the position?

“I think the more critical question is who is going to be leading the job search?”

Is current Toronto Blue Jays Manager John Farrell still a hot commodity after you look at what happened in Toronto?

“I think they like him, I don’t think he’s done anything in his nearly two seasons in Toronto to convince them that necessarily that he’s the next great manager, but they liked him when he was here.”

Does McAdam think Farrell could land in Boston?


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