Greg Bedard from the Boston Globe joined The D.A. Show on the eve of the 2012 NFL season.

Brian Waters has yet to report to the Patriots, which surprised quite a few people. The veteran offensive lineman was expected to return late in the preseason, but has not reported yes — despite being under contract for this season.

In addition to fans and media members, does Waters’ absence surprise the Patriots?

“It’s not just us, I think this caught the Patriots unaware. I heard from inside and outside the organization that he was going to be back. I kept checking during the off-season and that was the case… I think the Patriots did at some point at the end of training camp expect him to show up,” said Bedard.

“If they had thought he wasn’t coming back they would have made other choices at center, guard and whatnot. Ryan Wendell is a good player, I think he can get them through things, but that’s not the ideal scenario.”

Have the tables turned? Is this the a time when the Pats want a player more than he wants them?

“I would say that’s the case. I think there has got to be some point in time with the Patriots where push comes to shove. Although he’s not on the inactive list, at any point they can trade or cut him — they don’t have to wait until he reports.”

Is there still a chance Waters shows up at some point this season?

“He’s counting on the cap right now. If the Patriots didn’t think he would ever show up, or they were done with him, you would have thought they would have cut him (Tuesday). But they haven’t. That’s an indication to me that the door is still open.”

Would Waters reporting late in the season lead to some issues in the Patriots locker room? And what happened with Jeff Demps? Greg Bedard breaks it all down on The D.A. Show!



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