Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly joined Felger and Massarotti to discuss the upcoming start of the New England Patriots season, which is this Sunday at Tennessee against the Titans.

How many wins could the Patriots get this season? What are the concerns that surround this team as Week 1 approaches?

“I really felt confident that Nate Solder was going to be a terrific left tackle — I still think he’s going to be a terrific left tackle, but I think he’s further away than I thought,” Perillo said. “That’s a minor concern. Dante Scarnecchia is too smart to let that unravel the offense, but they might have to do things to help him a little bit. And if they do that, I wonder how that affects some other things offensively.”

Was the release of Deion Branch a surprise? How close is Brandon Lloyd to getting on the same page as Tom Brady?

What is Brian Waters future with the Pats?

What is the state of the game in the NFL? What kind of effect has Fantasy Football had on the NFL?


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