By Anthony Silva, WBZ NewsRadio 1030 New England Business Editor

BOSTON (CBS) – Dozens of Boston schools and after school programs have signed up with Smart Lunches, a Boston company that delivers balanced meals to students that have been ordered online by parents.

Smart Lunches has just raised a million dollars in private funding.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Anthony Silva reports

CEO Emily Green tells me her company is focused on about 360 schools, daycare centers and day-camps in the Boston area that can’t offer an on-site lunch service. She says Smart Lunches provides thousands of lunches each month.

Green says Smart Lunches provides nutritious lunches that parents would want to pack themselves for their children, if they had time. She says fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are part of the meals they provide.

Green says her company recently purchased Smart Snacks, a company that fills school vending machines with better quality products.

Green says, “vending machines can carry good stuff to eat, too.” She says her company can now provide children with healthy food options all day long.


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