By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – A plane crash victim from Assonet says she’s alive today, thanks to the heroics of her fiance not a Good Samaritan. “I’m sure a lot of people helped us, and I want to thank them,” says Kimberly Brillo, “but Steven saw the flames, and got me out.”

It was Sunday afternoon, when the two took-off from East Hampton Airport on Long Island. Shortly after takeoff, the single-engine plane lost power, crashed into the woods nearby, then burst into flames.

A nearby bakery worker, Craig Schum, ran into the woods to help, and says he saved the two. “The pilot was conscious, covered in blood, and walking in circles,” says Schum. “Without thinking and the plane was on fire, I just grabbed her and ran towards the street.

But Brillo, who sustained a broken arm and numerous bruises and cuts, says that’s not completely true. “The plane was in flames,” she says. “Steven climbed in and got me out. No one could get to us. So he got us to a fence, where others showed up and he told them to get me as far away as possible.”


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